General Rules
A.  Speed creek 2 raceway will not tolerate any cheating or any violation of the rules.
B. In order to race in a speed creek 2 sanctioned race all drivers must have a valid speed creek 2 membership or pay an additional fee per days event.         
C. All drivers are required to show their membership card to an official if ask to see card .
D.  Drivers and all team & pit members will abide to the rules or be subject to fines, loss of points and possible disqualification.
E.   All karts are subject to tech inspection by any official at anytime. Refusal of tech at any time will result in disqualification, suspension, fines, loss of points, or a combinations of the above.
F.   Pretech will be done on all karts prior to the first practice at each event. Anyone not complying with pretech will not be permitted to race.
G.   If a kart does not pass pretech it must be repaired, and reteched prior to race.
H.   All rookie drivers may be asked to start at the back of the field in their heat races for the first two weeks. Rookie drivers will earn their move up points and start their feature accordingly.
I.   All rookie drivers my be ask to place an X on the back of their helmets for two weeks.
J.   All drivers must wear an approved sneel 2005 or better helmet, eye protection, neck support, long pants, gloves, and an approved skid proof jacket.    Driver must wear seat belts and arm restraints if in a champ kart or naskart.
K.   Anyone in violation of rules A - J may be black-flagged and not permitted to race until complying.
L. Any rules during the race season are subject to revision by speed creek 2.
All members will be properly notified.
M.   Any part found illegal by any speed creek 2 official or tech official may be confiscated.
N.   There will be no one allowed to drive while under the influence of any alcohol or any illegal substance. The driver will be subjected to fines, disqualifications, suspension, and /or all of the above.
O.   There will be no alcohol or any illegal substance allowed on track property, before, during, or after any event. Anyone caught will be suspended, or fined.
P.   You may borrow a kart or a driver at anytime during the racing event to earn your points for that night, but not both.  If you borrow either one...that kart must start on the tail of that race.  Driver must drive his kart at least 70% of the races to be eligible for a points championship.
Q.   If it is not in the rules it is deemed to be illegal.
R.   All drivers must be signed in by 5:30 p.m. for that nights event. If not, the driver must start at the rear of the field in both heat races.
S.   Speed creek 2 staff reserves the right to combine 2 or more classes if there is less then 3 karts in a class. This can be done without the okay of the drivers.
T.   Name & number must be legible on the sign-in sheet or you will start at the back of your heat races.
Q.   All fines must be paid in full before you will be allowed to race.